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Today we will explain you about Solar Energy. The energy produce and given by sun is known as solar energy. This solar energy is converted into electrical energy by solar panels and this solar energy that produces heat is also used for cooking and many other things.Solar energy is normally Sunlight and Sun light heat that is converted and used.
So here we mainly tell you about Solar Energy that is converted into electrical energy by Solar Panels.

Solar Energy Into Electrical Energy

Basically Solar Panels converts sun light into electrical energy. Sunlight contains photons.
When sunlight is absorbed by solar panels  materials, the solar energy knocks electrons loose from their atoms, allowing the electrons to flow through the material to produce electricity. This process of converting light (photons) to electricity  is known as the photovoltaic effect.This is basically a technology that converts photon or light into electrical energy.

Uses of Solar Energy
This Solar Energy is used in many systems described below.

 Solar Photovoltaic Systems.This System converts solar energy into home electrical energy that is used in home equipments. The energy that is converted from solar energy is a DC Current that is produced by solar panels by using solar energy.

Advantages of Solar Energy
1.Solar energy is a renewable energy source.Solar energy will be available as long as sun is there. God created sun to give solar energy.So we have to worship the only creator not the created sun.

2. Solar Energy is clean and pollution free and noise free.From production to conversion of Solar Energy is totally noise free, clean and pollution free.

3. Solar Energy reduces high electric bills.The increasing electricity bills can be reduced by using solar energy.
4. Solar energy is very cost effective in long run.Now Solar Energy is becoming very cost effective.
5. Solar energy is  low maintenance energy source.Solar energy requires very less maintenance.

Disadvantages of Solar Energy

1. Solar energy is weather dependent.If Sunlight is available then we can use solar energy otherwise we can not use solar energy.

2. Due to high battery cost. Storing solar energy is very costly. So storage free solar energy is gaining popularity.

3. Solar panels that converts solar energy into electrical energy uses more space. But Now due to advance technology solar panels size is decreasing day by day

Solar Energy Myths

1. Solar panels does not work in cloudy weather but truth is solar panels work in cloudy weather but less as compared to full Sunlight.

2.Solar energy is not sufficient for our home needs but truth is that we have to install sufficient solar panels to need our home requirement.

3. Solar energy is very costly but truth is that in recent years the cost of Solar Panels has been decreased very fast.

Some Facts About Solar Energy

1.Solar energy is the future of our globe.

2. Solar Energy is true renewable source of energy.

3.Solar energy was first discovered in 1865 and solar panels was made in 1956.

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