Solar Panel Prices In Philippines 2018

1kw solar panels price in Philippines
The price of solar panels are decreasing day by day in Philippines as well as in international market. Solar panels are becoming popular in Philippines. Many people want to buy solar panels and want to build their own solar plant but they don’t know any thing about solar panels and plant. The price of a 1 kw solar plant is maximum 55k peso with all equipments but installer are charging upto  80k peso from their customers.

Today we will tell you about 1 solar plant price with price list of every single equipment used to build solar plant. So keep reading 1 Kilowatt solar plant price in Philippines
Below we are giving list of solar plant equipment price list .
1. Solar panels. 1 kw solar panels are available from 25,000 to 30,000 peso.
Solar battery or simply lead acid battery.
In a  1 kw solar plant two battery of 150 AH is used. A 150 AH lead acid tall tublour battery costs from 8k peso to 9k peso so two batteries will cost upto 18k peso
3. Solar charge controller. A 30 ampere and 24 volt solar charge controller is used in a 1 kw solar plant. the price of a 30 ampere 24 volt solar charge controller is approx Rs. 1800 peso

4. Inverter. A 24 volt operated or double battery inverter is used in a 1 kw solar plant. The price of these types of inverter is approx 4000 to 5000. Instead of a normal inverter you can also use solar inverter in which a 30 ampere charge controller is inbuilt and you don’t have to use external charge controller mentioned above. A 1600 VA solar inverter may cost upto  6500 to 7000 peso
5. Solar Panel stand . This may cost you upto 1000 peso
6. Wires. Approx 500 peso or as per your requirement but use always 4 sqmm wire in solar.
So if you install 1 kw solar plant yourself then you can save upto 15k peso charged by solar installers nowadays.


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