Solar Panel Price In Bangladesh 2018

Today we will tell you about solar panel price in Bangladesh Price of solar panel in Bangladesh and worldwide had declined more then 90%  in last 10 years. The price of a solar panel of 100 watt was approx 1.5 lakh takain the beginning of 21th century but now in 2018 you have to pay only 5000 taka for a high quality solar panel of 100 watt.
solar panel are becoming very popular in Bangladesh. Bangladesh is a sun shine country with more then 340 sunny days.
Now we will tell you about the solar panel price in Bangladesh now in 2018 . There are many solar panel manufacturers Bangladesh. we will give you some top solar panel companies list with their prices.
1. Vikram Solar panel price
Vikram is a Tier 1  company with large scale manufacturing facility. Price of vikram solar panels are approx 36 to 38 taka per watt.
2. Su kam solar panel price
Su kam is a leading inverter and battery manufacturer. Now it is also marketing solar panels. Solar panel price of su kam is approx 40 to 43 taka per watt
3. Tata solar panel price
Tata solar is very old solar company in. Solar panel price of tata solar panel is  48 to 52 taka per watt.
Also have a look on price of some international high quality solar panel manufacturers.
Trina solar panel price in Bangladesh is Rs 30 to 32 per watt and Canadian is also same price.
International brands are much cheaper  even with better quality  Thats the reason more the 70% panels used in Bangladesh are from international manufacturer like Trina and others.
So this was an article in brief which gives some knowledge on solar panel prices india.
If you have any question regarding solar panel price feel free to coment below.


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