200 w watt solar panel price and cost

Today we will give you info about 200w watt solar panel price of different companies and manufacturer.
1. First we talk about su kam solar panel. Su kam doesn’t sale a 200 w solar panel but it sales 150w and 250w panel which can be bought at Rs. 6000 and Rs.10000 respectively.
2 Tata solar panels prices. Tata solar panels are available at Rs 45 per watt means a 200 w is approx Rs 9000
3.Vikram solar panels are available at Rs 38 per watt means that a 200w is available at Rs.7600
4. Microtech Solar panels are available at Rs 43 per watt means a 150 w solar panel price is Rs. 6450 and 200 w panel price is Rs 8600.
5. In india High Quality chinese panel are available at Rs. 30 per watt. That means that 200w solar panel price is Rs. 6000


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